5:00-6:00 Preschool – 5th grade (adults only) 
  • Meet in child’s classroom
  • Bell system in 12 minute intervals (in order to visit with multiple homerooms and specials’ teachers)
6:00-7:00 Preschool – 8th grade (adults only) 
General welcome to all school families – MEET AT CHURCH  
  • Fr. Gus, Pastor
  • Terri Loiselle, Principal
  • School Advisory Council (SAC)
  • School Finance Council
  • Home and School Association (HSA)
  • Athletics
  • Benefit Event; “Angels Among Us” 
7:00-8:00  Middle School (adults only)
  • Meet in Brownstein Hall to Meet & Greet Specials’ Teachers to discuss Electives (8 minutes)
  • Nest meet in child’s homeroom to get a copy of your student’s schedule. Bell system in 8 minute intervals-parents will follow their student’s schedule.