Ave Maria Catholic School Christmas Program
Thursday, December 14th
Ave Maria Catholic Church
2:00 PM  Grades: K-1-2
3:00 PM Grades 3-4-5
The Christmas Season is here and K-5 classes are gearing up for the Christmas Programs. There will be two; one for K-2 and a second on the same afternoon for 3-5. The date has been set for December 14, 2017, in Church. The primary students will perform at 2:00 P.M. and the intermediate students will perform at 3:00 P.M. Students are hard at work on their songs and they should be wonderful performances.
PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING for student attendance to performances:
1.  For grades 3-4-5:  Students in 3-4-5 will be unable to attend their younger siblings’ performance scheduled for 2:00 pm as they will be preparing for their own program and therefore will not be released during class.  Please plan to return to your student’s classroom to pick up their belongings after their performance.
2.  For grades K-1-2:  Students will return to their classrooms to be released directly to parents after the 2:00 performance and may attend the 3:00 performance. Please plan to return to your student’s classroom to pick up their belongings after their performance.
3.  For grades 6-7-8:  Students may be picked up by parents as early as 1:50 to attend performances of siblings.  All others will remain in class and follow our 3:00 PM “Indoor Pick-Up” dismissal procedures.
4.  For students traveling on the bus:  We will follow our regular bus schedule.  Therefore, please advise Mrs. Emanuelson of any changes!
Program Attire:  Students should wear dressy outfits: boys should wear a collared shirt, dress slacks, and dress shoes; girls should wear their dresses or skirts and sweaters or blouses with dress shoes. It is best not to wear high heels because they will be walking up and down steps and we don’t want anyone to trip. A small number of students may be in costumes. Those parts have been assigned.
Preschool Christmas Program-Friday, December 15th
at 8:30 am in Brownstein Hall