Widget Athletics (3rd – 4th Grades)

The Widgets League is an instructional, semi-competitive league for players in the 3rd and 4th grades.  The league promotes teaching players sports’ fundamentals along with sportsmanship and teamwork.  This provides a great opportunity for our student-athletes to develop both their sports skills as well as relationships with their classmates.


    • All Widget practices will be held at AMCS.  Practices for Widgets are normally right after school pending coach availability.
    • Games will be held at Widget league locations and are on Friday nights and Saturdays.  Locations may change based on availability, but below are previous sport locations:
      • Baseball / Softball:  St Bernadette’s
      • Basketball / Volleyball:  Our Lady of Fatima, Notre Dame, St. Bernadette’s, Sts Peter & Paul


Widget Sports Offered

    • Fall: Flag Football(CSAL Registration required), Boys Volleyball, Girls Softball
    • Winter: Boys & Girls Basketball
    • Spring:  Boys Baseball, Girls Volleyball


    • Registration for Widgets sports is through AMCS only
    • Registration deadlines follow CSAL timelines
      • Fall:  Deadline 9/5/17
      • Winter:  Deadline 10/15/17
      • Spring:  Deadline 2/15/18
    • Download Athletics Registration Form from Teacherease
    • Submit completed Registration to school office.  Requirements are:
      • Completed / Signed Registration Form
      • Check Payable to AMCS for Athletic Fee (Please note that all registration fees are non-refundable)
      • Check Payable to AMCS for Uniform Deposit (returned after season)
      • Coaching Interest Form (Optional)

Contact for Ave Maria Athletics:  Aaron Menke, Athletic Director (email)