Students in third through eighth grade at Ave Maria Catholic School have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports where they will develop leadership, team work, cooperation, and good sportsmanship through competition. All students that register and pay for a particular sport will be placed on a team. Ave Maria is part of, and regulated by, the Catholic Schools Athletic League.


Based on grade level, there are two separate leagues that Ave Maria participates in:


Sports Offered (Sport / Team availability depends on registration / participation levels):

  • Fall:  Cross Country, Flag Football
  • Winter:  Boys & Girls Basketball
  • Spring:  Boys Baseball, Girls Volleyball, Futsal


Other Important Notes:

All registration forms, fees, uniform deposits and parent / coaching training completions are due at the beginning of the applicable season.  See registration forms for additional information. If there are special circumstances that need assistance or consideration, please contact the Athletic Director or School Principal.

Please note that all registration fees are non-refundable.

All Tryout / Practice sessions are closed to coaches / players only.  Throughout the seasons, there may be special events held at AMCS for all to attend – these will be communicated through both the coaching staffs as well as normal school communications (Herald, Teacherease, etc.).

Student – Athlete Eligibility:   Please refer to the Student Handbook for information on Academic / Behavioral eligibility requirements.

Coaching Opportunities:  

  • Ave Maria coaches are volunteers who dedicate their time and talent in support of our student athletes
  • Coaching selections are made by the Athletic Director in consultation with the AMCS Principal
  • Coaching Requirements.  Copies of all completion certificates to be filed with the Athletic Director:
    • Safe Environment Training (SET) Completed Annually (All Leagues – Classes at Ave Maria)
    • Concussion Training (CSAL – Online Link to classes on CSAL site)
    • Play Like A Champion – Coaching Class (See CSAL site for class dates / locations)
    • State of Colorado Mandated Report Class – Educators (CSAL – Online Link to classes on CSAL site)

Contact for Athletics:  Aaron Menke, Athletic Director (email)


Upcoming Athletics Dates


   27th – Varsity Boys (Berry) vs ND @ND 7PM

   30th  –  Boys Widget (Harvey) vs All Souls @ND 5:15PM

   Girls Widget (Mendozza) vs ND @SL (Eng.) 5:15PM

   Varsity Boys (Berry) vs St Anne’s @AMCS 5:30PM

   Boys Widget (Preston) vs SVDP Red @SL (Eng.) 6:15PM

   Boys Widget (Knapp) vs STM @SPP 6:15PM

   Varsity Boys (Jenkins) vs St Anne’s @AMCS 6:30PM

   Varsity Boys (Chan) vs St Anne’s @AMCS 7:30PM


   1st  –  *** CSAL Futsal Registration Opens (Grades 3 – 8) ***

   Ave Mini Angels (1st & 2nd Grade) @AMCS 8:45AM

   JV Boys (Herbek) vs STM @AMCS 10:30AM

   JV Boys (Beldin) vs STM @AMCS 11:30AM

   JV Boys (Suellentrop) vs Fatima @OLF 12:00PM

   JV Girls (Dockery) vs STM @AMCS 12:30PM

   JV Girls (Vizcarra) vs STM @AMCS 1:30PM

   Varsity Boys (Berry) vs OLOL @AMCS 2:30PM

   Varsity Boys (Chan) vs HT @AMCS 3:30PM

   Varsity Girls (Billings) vs SJB @AMCS 6:30PM

   Varsity Girls (Billings) vs SJB @AMCS 7:30PM

   3rd – JV Girls (Dockery) vs GS @GS 4:45PM

   JV Girls (Vizcarra) vs GS @GS 5:45PM

   JV Girls (Vizcarra) vs GS @GS 6:45PM

   Varsity Boys (Jenkins) vs SM @SM 7PM

   Varsity Girls (Billings) @GS 7:45PM

   4th – Varsity Boys (Chan) vs All Souls @AS 5PM

   JV Boys (Herbek) vs SVDP @SVDP 6PM

   JV Boys (Suellentrop) vs HT @HT 6PM

   Varsity Boys (Jenkins) vs All Souls @AS 6PM

   Varsity Boys (Berry) vs All Souls @AS 7PM

   Varsity Girls (Billings) vs All Souls @AS 8PM

   7th – Boys Widget (Harvey) vs Notre Dame @ND 5:15PM

   Girls Widget (Mendozza) vs OLOL @SL (Eng.) 5:15PM

   Boys Widget (Preston) vs SVDP White @ND 6:15PM

   Boys Widget (Knapp) vs All Souls @SL (Eng.) 6:15PM

   8th – Girls Widget (Koffmann) vs SVDP White @ND 10AM

   JV Boys (Beldin) vs St Anne’s @SA 11AM

   JV Boys (Suellentrop) vs St Anne’s @SA 12:00PM

   JV Boys (Herbek) vs St Anne’s @SA 1PM

   10th – JV Boys (Herbek) vs STM @STM 5PM

   Varsity Boys (Chan) vs STM @STM 6PM

   JV Boys (Beldin) vs SJB @SJB 6:30PM

   Varsity Boys (Berry) vs SJB @SJB 7:30PM

   Varsity Girls (Billings) vs STM @STM 8PM

   11th –  JV Girls (Vizcarra) vs OLL @AMCS 5:30PM

   JV Boys (Suellentrop) vs ND @ND 6PM

   Varsity Girls (Billings) vs OLL @AMCS 6:30PM

   JV Girls (Dockery) vs OLL @AMCS 7:30PM 

   Varsity Boys (Jenkins) vs ND @ND 8PM

   12th – JV Boys (Beldin) vs NAT @NAT 7:20PM

   13th – Varsity Boys (Chan) vs MPB @AMCS 5:30PM

   JV Girls (Vizcarra) vs SJB @AMCS 6:30PM

   JV Girls (Dockery) vs SJB @AMCS 7:30PM

   14th Varsity Girls (Billings) vs SM @AMCS 6PM 

   JV Boys (Suellentrop) vs SM @AMCS 7PM

  JV Boys (Beldin) vs SM @AMCS 8PM

   15th – Ave Mini Angels (1st & 2nd Grade) @AMCS 8:45AM

   Girls Widget (Koffmann) vs SVDP Red @AMCS 10:15AM   

   Boys Widget (Preston) vs STM @AMCS 11:15AM

   JV Boys (Herbek) vs MPB @MPB 12:00PM

   Boys Widget (Harvey) vs SVDP @AMCS 12:15PM

   Boys Varsity (Berry) vs NAT @NAT 12:30PM

   Boys Widget (Knapp) vs SVDP White @AMCS 1:15PM

   Varsity Boys (Jenkins) vs NAT @NAT 1:40PM

   Girls Widget (Mendozza) vs All Souls @AMCS 2:15PM

   JV Girls (Dockery) vs SM @AMCS 6:30PM

   JV Girls (Vizcarra) vs SM @AMCS 7:30PM

   17th – Varsity Boys (Berry) vs STM @STM 7PM


   5th – Varsity Boys (Chan) vs BSS @BSS 10AM

   JV Boys (Herbek) vs BSS @BSS 11AM

   JV Boys (Suellentrop) vs BSS @BSS 12:00PM

   JV Girls (Dockery) vs BSS @BSS 1PM

   Varsity Girls (Billings) vs BSS @BSS 2PM

   8th  – Varsity Boys (Chan) vs SM @AMCS 5:30PM

   Varsity Boys (Berry) vs SM @AMCS 6:30PM

   JV Boys (Beldin) vs ND @ND 7PM

   JV Boys (Herbek) vs SM @AMCS 7:30PM

   10th – JV Girls (Vizcarra) vs OLOL @OLOL 5:30PM

   JV Girls (Dockery) vs OLOL @OLOL 6:30PM

   JV Boys (Herbek) vs OLOL @OLOL 7:30PM

   11th – Girls Widget (Koffmann) vs Notre Dame @ND 4:15PM

   Boys Widget (Preston) vs All Souls @SL (Eng.) 5:15PM

   Boys Widget (Knapp) vs SVDP Red @ND 5:15PM

   12th – *** CSAL Futsal Registration Closes (Grades 3 – 8) *** 

   Ave Mini Angels (1st & 2nd Grade) @AMCS 8:45AM

   Boys Widget (Harvey) vs All Souls @ND  9AM

   JV Boys (Herbek) vs All Souls @AMCS 10:30AM

   Girls Widget (Mendozza) vs Escuela @ND 11AM

   JV Boys (Beldin) vs All Souls @AMCS 11:30AM

   JV Girls (Dockery) vs All Souls @AMCS 12:30PM

   JV Girls (Vizcarra) vs All Souls @AMCS 1:30PM

   JV Girls (Vizcarra) vs ND @ND 2:30PM

   Varsity Boys (Chan) vs GS @AMCS 3:30PM

   Varsity Boys (Jenkins) vs OLL @AMCS 6:30PM

   Varsity Boys (Jenkins) vs HCM @AMCS 7:30PM

   13th –  *** Spring CSAL Registration Opens (Baseball / Volleyball) ***

   14th – Varsity Girls (Billings) vs OLOL @AMCS 5:30PM

   JV Boys (Beldin) vs OLOL @AMCS 6:30PM

   Varsity Boys (Chan) vs OLOL @AMCS 7:30PM

   15th – Varsity Girls (Billings) vs SVDP @SVDP 7PM

   17th – Varsity Boys (Jenkins) vs GS @AMCS 5:30PM

   JV Boys (Herbek) vs GS @AMCS 6:30PM

   JV Boys (Suellentrop) vs GS @AMCS 7:30PM

   18th – Girls Widget (Mendozza) vs Fatima @ND 5:15PM

   Boys Widget (Preston) vs Ave (Knapp) @SL (Eng.) 5:15PM 

   Girls Widget (Koffmann) vs SVDP Red @ND 7:15PM

   Girls Widget (Koffmann) vs MPB White @ND 8:15PM

   19th –  Ave Mini Angels (1st & 2nd Grade) @AMCS 8:45AM

   Boys Widget (Harvey) vs. Escuela @SL (Eng.) 1PM  

***Please double check CSAL website for latest schedule updates and changes***